Monday, June 30, 2014

Hola hola hola!!!!

Hola hola hola!!!

I can't believe that this cycle is almost over. Seriously though!!! Where does the time go? I love San Mateo Tecalco so much I don't ever want to leave!!!! The poeple here are so awesome and my bathroom is so great. This week was ok. haha I forgot to mention last week in my letter that I spoke in my first funeral. Yeah crazy huh? haha I dirnk the best atole ever!! Atole de guava is my favorite. We found an awesome family this week as well. My area cover like 2 little pueblos and the in the really ghetto pueblo there is like 1 member. haha

I can't believe I forgot to write about my experience of talking at a funeral.... So we were like about to do our companion study when all of a sudden I heard someone scream HERMANAS. So I ran outside to see our Bishop there, he is super cool, he asked us if we could speak at a funeral of some lady that had 95 anos. Yes speak a some funeral of some lady we had never met and he gave us like a 2 hour notice. lol/ So I mean we had never met the lady, because for the last 3 years she lived in el Districto Ferderal. Y pues we were the only ones who talked, like no one talked from her family or anything. Just me and my companion, so awkward. Our talks were on the Plan of Salvatiion. When we were writing our talks, i turned to Hermana Hill and asked if she knew her name!  She didn't How terrible is that!!! But the Spirit was strong and people cried. 

Right now we are teaching a young lad, Patricio. Man he is so funny. He lives with his aunt who is a member and same with his brother. We always have awesome lessons with this kid but he has denied our invitation to be baptized like 4 times. He drives us crazy because seriously he says he knows it's true but that he would feel better if he got baptized when he is older. But this week we finally got him to put a date!! So excited for him. Seriously this lesson was so guided by the Spirit. He Told us that he is scared what his parents will think and scared to be well one of the few members in his family. I was so guided by the Spirit to testify of my experience with my parents and I just bore testimony that man it's so hard at times to stand up for what is right but it is so worth it. That the peace and joy that this gospel brings to our lives is so worth living it!!! Everyone was crying and he acccepted and all was well. hahah 

We work with a lot of less actives here as well and it's so intersting to me. These members always have strong testimonies that The Church is true but for some reason or another they fell away. This family that we visit is super awesome. This week we visited them like 2 times and taught about the Book of Mormon and the importance of reading it. Seriously this Sunday at church it was incredible to see them come and participate in their classes. It was like they changed over night! And they told us it was because they were reading the Book of Mormon and that they've felt closer to God than ever before. I love that!!! The Book of Mormon has so much power as it tesifies to us of the true and living Christ. 

So grateful to be apart of this work!! Thanks for all the prayers, I feel them everyday!!! LOVES YOUS ALLS!!!!!
Hermana Sanchez

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