Monday, June 23, 2014


Hola from San Mateo Tecalco!!
So this week was bomb! haha Seriously I love it here, love my investigators, and love the time I have to study everyday. Leilanis baptism was this week and it was so great, seriously the Spirit was so strong. I love that gal! She is just a super timid and shy girl but when you get her laughing... it is a whole different story. We also had am amazing multi zona conference. Something funny this week, a dog peed on my companions shoes. She likes to pet all dogs, I keep telling her that she is going to get fleas or something worse. But she does it anyways and well while she petting this dog she didn't notice the dog taking a wiz on her shoe. It was so funny.
Leilani baptism was well super chaotic for us, seriously. Our Lider Misional was supposed to have a bunch of things ready but last minute he called us and guess what? he didn't have anything ready and he was out of town. So two hours before the baptism we are calling a bunch of members asking if they knew how to fill the font and we had to do a bunch of other things. I was stressing out and just praying so hard that some how everything would flow together. And it did, we had tons of her family show up which were all polygamists and tons of members the place was filled!! The spirit was so strong as I thought about when I got baptized just 3 years ago, what an amazing young woman she is and how many generations will be affected by her decision. This is why I'm here to help people realize how important our message is.
At our multi- zone conference my mission president asked if we were really full-time missionaries. He went on to explain that our time is short here on the mission and that this is the Lord's time. I need to give these people my full attention and I serve them. I love that! Well my companion and I work super hard and go to bed everyday exhausted but the love that we have for these people carries us.
My favorite lessons are the Family Home Evening we have with people, I always enjoy myself. Well I hope everyone is enjoying life and having a great summer!!!!
Hermana Sanchez 

I'm getting fat becasue all the members know I love Mexican bread! Haha

I decorated the chalkboard
Leilani with Hermana Hill and I. 

Leilani, Hermano Pedro, Y el bishop

Everyone eating arroz con leche after the baptism .

The volcano in the morning. It's active.

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