Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jonathan's baptism

Well Jonathan got baptized this week. The baptismal service was so awesome and real spiritual. He was so excited this entire week and really just wanted to get dunked. haha. Jonathan is the first person I have started teaching and have ended up seeing being baptized. I have never stayed in an area long enough, but wow seeing his conversion was such a great experience  and really strengthened my testimony. I felt bad though because the boiler was broken and he was baptized in cold water. When he was entering the water he made some wheezing noises because it was SO  COLD. Plus here since we are so close to the volcanoes the water comes directly from up there, so the font water was a greenish yellow. hahaha  We told him we wanted it to be as close as possible to Jesus Christ's baptism, River Jordan style. I am so excited for him, I love being  a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!! 

Also today we got to climb up to a famous catholic church here in Ameca and well yeah we enjoyed ourselves. I absolutely love my companions!!! They keep me young. 

Hermana Guerrero from McAllen Texas and Hermana Murray from Orem utah

This photo explains out companionship. Really though. Behind us is a volcano

I dont actually know what he is looking at..... But yeah I am in a trio. All american trio, it is such a blast. 

Monday, June 8, 2015


Dear friends,
This week was weird but really strengthening. Jonathan didnt end up getting baptized this week. It has been moved to the 20th of June. he has had trouble with the word of wisdom. I am glad he finally told us the truth. He said he was doing really good until this week, the week of his baptism were he really fell again. It is sad but I am proud of him that he is mature enough to tell us. He was really sad that he isnt going to be baptized for 2 more weeks but he stood up yesterday and shared his testimony of how the gospel  is the only real and lasting happiness on the whole earth. Then he talked about his life, how he always tried everything to numb or to fill this hole in his heart but that the gospel is the only true happiness. The spirit was so strong. My companion and I actually prayed for him several times to have more trials accepting our message. He was watch you would call golden. Accepting everything and just really striving to change but it almost seemed unreal, so we prayed that he would have more trials and bam this happens but I know that it is better for him to clear all this up now. I remember our mission president asking us if we were grateful for our trials, then told us that he prays every night that we will be tried, to have opportunities to build us in faith and in testimony. Its been hard for me to accept and be grateful for my trials, but I am today because of them. 

Also another one of our investigator who is so beautiful came to church for the first time. It was a total miracle and she even fasted so that her husband to soften his heart. She is really anxious to be baptized but needs to get married first. I love her, really though she is a blast. 

The weather here is rainy with a chance of mole. Really though I have had so many upset stomachs from the mole. hahah 

Have a great week!!

A horse we found 


Monday, June 1, 2015


I can't believe it's June!
Like seriously, it is crazy how fast the month of May went by! Plus this coming week we have transfers. Johnathan will be baptized this Saturday and we are super excited for him. He has changed so much and this last week when he had his baptismal interview he told the Elder that he is not going to have any girlfriends until after he serves a mission. hahah.
Also this week we went to the Mexico City vistors center. It was super awesome. I loved all the videos they had on the Book of Mormon. Seriously there is tanto poder in that book. The month of May I had so many opportunities to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, I love that book and know with all of my heart that IT IS  another testiment of Jesus Christ. 
We also found a lot of new investigators this week, such a blessing! We have been working really hard trying to find the people The Lord has prepared. 

Sorry I am so bad at writing. hahah
Hermana Sanchez
The Mexico visiting center 

The wonderful lady on the left is the bishops wife and her cousin and my companion.