Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jonathan's baptism

Well Jonathan got baptized this week. The baptismal service was so awesome and real spiritual. He was so excited this entire week and really just wanted to get dunked. haha. Jonathan is the first person I have started teaching and have ended up seeing being baptized. I have never stayed in an area long enough, but wow seeing his conversion was such a great experience  and really strengthened my testimony. I felt bad though because the boiler was broken and he was baptized in cold water. When he was entering the water he made some wheezing noises because it was SO  COLD. Plus here since we are so close to the volcanoes the water comes directly from up there, so the font water was a greenish yellow. hahaha  We told him we wanted it to be as close as possible to Jesus Christ's baptism, River Jordan style. I am so excited for him, I love being  a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!! 

Also today we got to climb up to a famous catholic church here in Ameca and well yeah we enjoyed ourselves. I absolutely love my companions!!! They keep me young. 

Hermana Guerrero from McAllen Texas and Hermana Murray from Orem utah

This photo explains out companionship. Really though. Behind us is a volcano

I dont actually know what he is looking at..... But yeah I am in a trio. All american trio, it is such a blast. 

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