Monday, September 29, 2014

Greeting from Ixtapaluca

Greeting from Ixtapaluca,

This week was great. My companion and I always have a blast together but really. My companion is so fascinated by the United States, she is always asking me the weirdest things like: The United States is so far ahead of us here in everything....Do you guys have microwaves that you can place silverware in yet? Or whenever anything is a lot of work she asks if there is an easier way in the United States. Today she commented "you guys probably don't even have to mop over there! Talk about a poor people thing to do" I usually respond with making something crazy up. This week we pullled a prank on our zone leader because they actually live in our area and we are seriously are always with them. I sent a photo. we found the doll in the road and wrote his name, my companion is so crazy, she cut the dolls ear and put it in it's mouth. hahah Transfers are tomorrow but for the first time on my mission I am staying! Woo! I really love this area and the ward. 

This week we found tons of new people to teach, seriously they are so prepared. First we found a young adult named Caren (people here love American names) she sold us some super cheap skirts and well we visited her this week and she is super awesome. She is a single mom and just wants a better life, she has so much faith that we can help her. We were supposed to have 2 families get baptized this past week but they have to have to asist church 5 times before and this Sunday guess what? They slept in. Satan you suck and they can't get baptized this coming week because of General Conference, which I am super stoked for, so they we have to wait for the 11th!! Ahhh But they are awesome and have testimonies that seriously streghthen mine. Elizabet and Efred have demond babies who are always crying and super crazy. I love visiting them because they are a great time always. 

This week I really learned about the importance of a really good scripture study. How application is everything! Really though sometime I fall into a rountine where I just love sharing my favorite scriptures but this week I really tried to apply the scriptures as well as find new ones. I felt the Spirit so much stronger in my lessons and really felt The Lord guiding my words and guiding me to the people that I needed to contact in the streets. This is His work and I am so grateful to be a part of it. 

Love you all!!
Have a great week and remember to study the sciptures! lol
Hermana Sanchez 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Full timer


I am so sorry I stink at writing. haha This week was so great, I really learned how to be a FULL TIME missonary. It consists of my heart!! That is the key and it sounds so easy huh? haha There are so many people here that are so prepared and really I love teaching them helping them and most of all testifying to them what I know is true. My companion and I work super hard, and I love it!! But I was missing the things The Lord wanted me to learn. In the MTC they tell us that the mission is the MTC of our lives and I have really learned that this week. The Lord is constantly giving us oppertunitites to learn and to progress and our part is to be humble enough to recognize those oppertunitites. 

Candi is progressing super well and is the sweetest thing to see her with her four young children. Another testimony that a woman's faith is so powerful. She is preparing to be baptized and her kids are super excited to be officially apart of primary. lol. The other family that we are teaching are super awesome, seriously another great example of a great mom. Her kids are crazy, just absolutely crazy. Like my nephew Mazzi times 10. But she completes every assignment and just does everything and unlike tons of other people we teach she never makes her children an excuse. We had a Family Home Evening with them this week and it was a blast totally won the game. The Lord is so great. Also 2 people that we contacted on the street are preparing to be baptized, seriously The Lord is hastening his work. Thankful to be apart of this. Areli one of the contacts is a young adult of 23 years of age and is super fun, we found her with her dog and at first she denied us then I commented on her clothes and we got talking....It is history from there because she is progresssing awesome!! So thankful for the confidence the Lord has with me and these people. Love this work. 

Hermana SancheZ

We went to the pyramids again today. This is really how my companion I are. 

My area 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Viva Mexico


Today is Independance day here in Mexico, which means we will rest from our duties. haha. This week was a good one, there is so much work here, I love it!! Our investigators are awesome, Angel always plays soccer with us and is just super prepared. We were going to drop him as an investigator this week because he didn't want to keep the Sabbath day holy but instead we decided to fast for him instead. And guess what happened? He didn't show up at Church, we were so bummed, we visit him atleast everyday. But wait today he came to play with us all injured and said that he recieved his answer playing yesterday. I guess he had a terrrible game and totally made his team lose plus someone injured him. THERE CAN BE MIRACLES WHEN WE BELIEVE!! Seriously and now he is all, plus I can't play soccer forever and later when i am old I will repent for not doing stuff more worth my time. He is so great and his baptism is coming up soon. Keep Angel in your prayers. 

Funny story:
In Ameca I was in a super ghetto apartment and plus so was my companion. She was a little odd. One night I woke up because the light was on and looked over to my companions bed to see her sitting up watching me. Totally freaked me out, I asked what she was doing up and why the light was on. She responded with "He's here". So here I am exhausted because we had an awful day which included tons and tons of walking and my companions telling me that someone is in our apartment. I responed with "Go to sleep, I locked the door." That is when she totally creeped me out with saying "You don't feel him?". The most uncomfortable situation in my life, I decided to ignore what happened and to sleep but it took a while. The next morning she told me that something was trying to enter her body and oh it was weird. 

I love my area it is tons of fun. The food is delicious as well. 

Hermana Sanchez

My district leaders and I 

Last day in Ameca

Monday, September 8, 2014

Loving the area!!


I love my area!!!! I never want to leave! Seriously our area is somewhat small but tons and tons of people. We are teaching awesome poeple who are super prepared. My companion and I have a ton of fun, sometimes too much! hahah We play soccer for hours on pdays and the members are totally bomb! I make my companion run with me every morning and now 3 sisters from our ward have joined us. It is just so awesome. There are tons of exmissionaries in this ward and it is a blast to do divisiones. 

Laura, Angel and their daughter are a family that we teaching right now. Seriously there are so prepared but are just saving up their money to get married then baptized. They own a vegastable stand and are just super humble and excited to be apart of the church. Angel is really good at soccer I found out today. They are a young couple like 28 years old and their daughter Kimberly is super sweet but she still doesnt want to be baptized....that child!! We are working on it, she is 9 years old. It is super awesome to see people with so much faith, no joke. This week we taught them the Word of Wisdom and they told us that they only drank on holidays and they felt like it wasnt that bad. That is when we reminded them of the experiences theyve had in these last couple of months, they have really seen miracles through prayer. Their veggie stand wasnt doing very good but that is when they decided to pray right there in the stand and right when they finished they looked up to see tons of people coming towards the stand. They sold everything! After remember they both committed to live the word of wisdom. I love these people, they are so much fun and so easy going. 

There is another family well a single mom named Candi and she has 4 young children. Seriously her life has been like a soup opera. She has lived a hard life, but she said that she has never felt anything like what she felt going to church. She wants to be baptized so bad and seriously her faith is amazing. Her children are al little rebelious but I am winning her son little by little with soccer. Keep them in your prayers. 

The Gutirrez Solis family is super awesome and also super prepared, she has family who are members and just loves learning. They are the first investigators that have noticed the answers to their prayers by themselves and are also preparing to be baptized soon. 

I am learing tons in this area, The Lord really is preparing His people. I am really learing charity in this area, I know that the Savior loves us and it is amazing how dear these families are to me and I have only known them for a short time! My companion is really teaching me how to really enjoy my mission. 

Grateful to be a missonary and grateful for the oppertunity I have to help these people come unto Christ. 
Have a fab week!

Hermana Sanchez