Monday, September 8, 2014

Loving the area!!


I love my area!!!! I never want to leave! Seriously our area is somewhat small but tons and tons of people. We are teaching awesome poeple who are super prepared. My companion and I have a ton of fun, sometimes too much! hahah We play soccer for hours on pdays and the members are totally bomb! I make my companion run with me every morning and now 3 sisters from our ward have joined us. It is just so awesome. There are tons of exmissionaries in this ward and it is a blast to do divisiones. 

Laura, Angel and their daughter are a family that we teaching right now. Seriously there are so prepared but are just saving up their money to get married then baptized. They own a vegastable stand and are just super humble and excited to be apart of the church. Angel is really good at soccer I found out today. They are a young couple like 28 years old and their daughter Kimberly is super sweet but she still doesnt want to be baptized....that child!! We are working on it, she is 9 years old. It is super awesome to see people with so much faith, no joke. This week we taught them the Word of Wisdom and they told us that they only drank on holidays and they felt like it wasnt that bad. That is when we reminded them of the experiences theyve had in these last couple of months, they have really seen miracles through prayer. Their veggie stand wasnt doing very good but that is when they decided to pray right there in the stand and right when they finished they looked up to see tons of people coming towards the stand. They sold everything! After remember they both committed to live the word of wisdom. I love these people, they are so much fun and so easy going. 

There is another family well a single mom named Candi and she has 4 young children. Seriously her life has been like a soup opera. She has lived a hard life, but she said that she has never felt anything like what she felt going to church. She wants to be baptized so bad and seriously her faith is amazing. Her children are al little rebelious but I am winning her son little by little with soccer. Keep them in your prayers. 

The Gutirrez Solis family is super awesome and also super prepared, she has family who are members and just loves learning. They are the first investigators that have noticed the answers to their prayers by themselves and are also preparing to be baptized soon. 

I am learing tons in this area, The Lord really is preparing His people. I am really learing charity in this area, I know that the Savior loves us and it is amazing how dear these families are to me and I have only known them for a short time! My companion is really teaching me how to really enjoy my mission. 

Grateful to be a missonary and grateful for the oppertunity I have to help these people come unto Christ. 
Have a fab week!

Hermana Sanchez

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