Monday, April 28, 2014

Last week MTC

Tomorrow is my last day here at the MTC. It's really bitter sweet and I feel like I just got here!! I've had so many good laughs and I'm so grateful that I could be so blessed to have such amazing teachers here. I've learned so much about myself and about the Gospel, it's incredible!! I fly out Monday morning at 2:30 am and my flight is at 6am. Talk about terrible!! And get this! I'm the group leader because I'm flying alone! I'VE NEVER FLOWN BEFORE!!! It's crazy to think that in a couple of days I'll be in Mexico!! But I'm beyond excited!!! My companion and I have had the craziest week!! We committed all of our "investigators" (role playing is so awkward) to baptism. My Spanish is getting better and I'm so excited to speak it all the time!!!! WOOO MEXICO HERE I COME!!!!! I'm so done with this food it makes my tummy hurt!! Our days here were really structured and I loved it!! I always had to be somewhere and always had to do something!! But I know this mission will go by fast and I can't have any regrets!!! 

This week I went to the Mexican Colsolate on Thursday and on the way home on the Front Runner I met this man from Spain and anyways we got talking and it turns out that he was actually the Bishop of the ward my brother-in-law served in during his Mission. It was so great!! He was a really funny man. Also I found out that I had the same teachers as Levi Lopez whom I played soccer with in Payson. I'm so excited to serve and just work my bum off for a year and a half and then come home to all you wonderful people!! Tomorrow I am giving a talk in Sacrament meeting and I was thinking about what to talk about and I decided conversion. I started crying thinking about all the people that have truly been converted and have blessed my life tremendously!!!! Thank you all!! So grateful!! Thanks for the prayers.

Con amor
Hermana Sanchez

So today was our last day of class these teachers are the best!!! The tall big guy is Hermano Ferguson and the short small one lol is Hermano Adlish. They both are awesome teachers!!!! Then that's were I get to eat all the time. Brighams Landing lol!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

She's alive!

Hermana Sanchez is alive and well!

Here is a tid bit from a letter she wrote!!!

The drop off at the MTC was fast paced and I was really nervous and shy. I met my companion who is a fourth mexican but white. lol She has gospel spanish down but not everyday spanish so we are perfect for each other. She is a lot of fun and we are getting really good at teaching together. EASTER was amazing!! Guess who came and spoke to us? President Ucktdorf!!!!!! I SHOOK THE MAN'S HAND!!! It was so awesome he did such an amazing job at teaching. My visa stuff turned out and I'm leaving next week. It seems so crazy because I feel like I just got here. This will be my only p-day in the MTC. The food is ok here. They feed you a lot. My district is a blast too. We have so many people from all over the world! Australia, Spain, Mexico, etc. So cool to hear all different accents. Our teachers are really cool and spiritual. Also the gift of tongues is real. I can speak so much better now hahah I still can't write Spanish worth anything though. I'm getting a ton better at the language, it's crazy. God really does bless his missionaries. But I still have to think a lot about what I'm saying when bearing testimony. I have a lot of gospel Spanish to learn :/  Since I worked here before I have so many friends around here and it's been such a blessing. I know God has been preparing me for this time in my life. And I'm so grateful to be serving!!! 

Con amor
-Hermana Sanchez 

The first one is me and my comp with Elders from our branch. One on the far left is from Spain and the other is from Chile. 

 The other photo is just of my district. Funniest people ever. They are great. That is our campus. 

Elder Ucktdorf shook my hand in our cafeteria after the Easter meeting!!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Natalie has officially entered into the Provo Utah MTC! We love and miss you! We look forward to hearing about your mission and seeing all the wonderful adventures you will have sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!