Monday, September 22, 2014

Full timer


I am so sorry I stink at writing. haha This week was so great, I really learned how to be a FULL TIME missonary. It consists of my heart!! That is the key and it sounds so easy huh? haha There are so many people here that are so prepared and really I love teaching them helping them and most of all testifying to them what I know is true. My companion and I work super hard, and I love it!! But I was missing the things The Lord wanted me to learn. In the MTC they tell us that the mission is the MTC of our lives and I have really learned that this week. The Lord is constantly giving us oppertunitites to learn and to progress and our part is to be humble enough to recognize those oppertunitites. 

Candi is progressing super well and is the sweetest thing to see her with her four young children. Another testimony that a woman's faith is so powerful. She is preparing to be baptized and her kids are super excited to be officially apart of primary. lol. The other family that we are teaching are super awesome, seriously another great example of a great mom. Her kids are crazy, just absolutely crazy. Like my nephew Mazzi times 10. But she completes every assignment and just does everything and unlike tons of other people we teach she never makes her children an excuse. We had a Family Home Evening with them this week and it was a blast totally won the game. The Lord is so great. Also 2 people that we contacted on the street are preparing to be baptized, seriously The Lord is hastening his work. Thankful to be apart of this. Areli one of the contacts is a young adult of 23 years of age and is super fun, we found her with her dog and at first she denied us then I commented on her clothes and we got talking....It is history from there because she is progresssing awesome!! So thankful for the confidence the Lord has with me and these people. Love this work. 

Hermana SancheZ

We went to the pyramids again today. This is really how my companion I are. 

My area 

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