Monday, August 25, 2014

First week in Heroes

Hello all!!!

Well I am now in Heroes, Ixtapaluca.  Its the city and there are tons of poeple and dogs, of course. Our area is small but has so much work,  the ward is great in helping us. There are 3 pairs of missionaries in our ward, I love it because eating is so much more fun now! My companion is Hermana San Roman from Vera Cruz, they have the weirdest slang there. haha She is really sweet and just super excited to work, love that about her. Our house is pretty big and nice. This week was the most stressful week of my life, both me and my trainee were getting to know the streets and just going off a ward list in finding and meeting members. Plus our house was super dirty, and we do not have time to clean until Monday. AND GUESS WHAT? There is a track like half a block away from my house, running helped a ton with the stress. 

We found some super prepared people who are planning on getting married and baptized soon. They are Angel y Laura, they have suffered so much but love the feeling that comes from reading the Book of Mormon.....again super prepared. Super excited about this area.

Sorry about this lame e-mail I promise I will do better next week :)

Hermana (bad at writing) Sanchez

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