Monday, June 16, 2014


Holy cow i've only been here 2 months!! haha but really... This week was great! The people here are so ready for our message no joke. They feed us amazing food no joke! They all have farms and well everything is just so fresh. Right now it's rainy season and oh man it rains tons. haha Hermana Hill and I have been having lots of work here and we love it. Also I have my first 20 minute talk here in Mexico. I'm so Mexican I love it. This week we have Leilani's baptism yay!!!
Leilani is a 10 year old girl who is just so excited to be apart of this great church. You know I really see it as a blessing because I was SO bummed to miss my little sisters baptism and teaching this girl has been a blast. And this Saturday I get to see her enter the water of baptism. The Lord is so aware of his missionaries. I love you Diana!! Also we reactivated a member this week, he hasn't been active for 12 years. But we went into his home and testified of the the power of the atonement and he just started crying. I love it when they cry. I also got to tell my story a little about how I had to wait 4 years to get baptized and how I wished that I could be a member and straight up told him that not going to church and all makes him super ingrateful. I love this church. Also with him his wife is almost blind and she can't do anything about it but she has always been active and well she just cried in our arms for like 10 minutes when we saw them at church. Great experience. She is seriously so great, one day we were at her house and we asked if we could help her with anything and she was started getting teary eyed and said there was one thing, she asked if we could iron her husband's Sunday shirts because her vision is so bad that she can't iron anymore. I thought how sweet, seriosuly though here she is getting all teary eyed that her husband after several years of not going to church, now is going to church with a wrinkled shirt. I love her.
The people have amazing stories and I am learning so much. Love all you so much !!!!! Hope you are all having tons of fun because it's summer and because the world cup started. Don't worry I everyone always tells us who wins. The world stops when mexico plays. hahah I want to watch so bad.

Best FHE ever!

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