Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey all!!!!!!

Mexico is great. Learning tons here. Right now is actually rainy season till like November. Seriously the storms here are insane!!!! Had to buy rain boots they are totally hip. Oh and this week I got super sick. haha yeah I ate something, I don't know what but yeah I couldn't work on Thursday. I had a fever and stomach problems. Not a fun experience, I had to go to a members house and watch church movies. haha I watched Singles Ward 2. Yeah don't watch it, so dumb. haha 

So here in Tecalco we are having tons of excito!! Seriously it is such a testimony builder bing here because there are so many people that are ready for our message. We have 4 baptism dates and at least 5 progressing investigators. Seriosly and we really can't gt ay credit because it';s all the members. We were planning on having our first baptism this Saturday but it's been pushed to next week. So next Saturday we have 2 baptisms. Leylani is one of them, she is 10 years old and just a super sweet, shy girl. Her older sisters are members and it reminds me so much of my sisters and I. I am so grateful for my sisters and their amazing examples!!! This little girls parents are poligamists. Yeah there are a lot in this area. haha I had know idea they had those in Mexico either!!! hahah But her dad only has on wife. haha We are teaching a few young people here and really it's because of the examples of the youth in the ward. They are super great!! I love it here.

Yeah also we are teaching the JWs a lot and well been studying the bible more than ever. I love it. I love that I have this oppertunity to serve and grow closer to my Father in Heaven. Oh yeah I live really close to an active volcano. Cool huh?

Hermana Sanchez

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