Monday, May 26, 2014

New area!!!!

Hey all my loverss!!!!!!!!

This week was great. I went to bed so exhausted every night. Our area is huge, but guess what tomorrow I will be opening a new area!! Yeah, I´m so excited! I´m going to be with a Sister from Utah. This week was amazing that husband that is married to the less active member accepted to be baptized!! They have to get married first but I´m super excited about that. Seriously it is so amazing to see him change, everything about him is so different now. When I first met him he was quiet and never smiled, just kept to himself on the couch. Really quite uncomfortable for all of us. But now he glows! Seriously the change is incredible! On Tuesday he was just on cloud 9 telling us how thankful he was for us and how he has never felt so much peace and happiness in his life. It´s amazing what the Spirit can do to people! 
Also his sister and her husband accepted to be baptized as well. They also have to get married but they are amazing!! I am going to miss them so so so so much!! Adan is super crazy so we get along super well, he cried when he found out I was leaving. He had a really hard time accepting that God exsited because he has had so many trials. He´s 23 years old. We had a member accompany us this week and she has the most AMAZING testimony of the gospel. No joke, she shared how growing up in a disfunctional home brings so many feelings, so many resentments. She had a father who didn´t want her and he kicked her out when she was only 13, just seriously the saddest story but she testified about all those things shape us into who we are today. That we all have a time in our lives that we have the oppertunity to accept this message. I love that! Because it is so true!! And I know that the only way that we can have that perspecitve is that faith in Christ. Faith that he atoned for all our sins, that we don´t have to carry or bottle up those feelings, we can give them to Christ. I´m so grateful for the atonement!!!!

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