Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All things possible!


This week was crazy no joke! I attended my first funeral. It was sad, but such a learning experience. I ate a disgusting tres leches cake, such a dissapointment! And I got to testify of baptism to a sweet family.

The funeral was for a recent convert. She almost had a year of being a member. I met her once and loved her sweet character, she was so loving. She was handicapped, something to do with her hips and legs. She couldnt really walk. She told me of her conversión story and it was amazing! Throughout all her life she hated herself for what she put her family through. She wanted to die, she said but she met the sister missionaries and her perspecitve changed. So amazing. Her family is Catholic and so the funeral was really interesting. Her White cascet in this tiny Little mexican house. I mean how blessed are we to know about the Plan of Salvation? How grateful I am to know that I can be with my lovely family for ETERNITY. We got to talk to the parents and it was so amazing to testify of the Plan that our Father has for each and everyone one of us.

I also got to make tamales for the funeral with my wards relief society. And guess who was the only one with tamale making experience? ME. The American. lol. We all had a good laugh.

My companions birthday came up and so we bought a cake and it was gross. I love tres leches but I did not like that one. Life is hard when you cant get a good tres leches. Not really.

We have the privilage of teaching a sweet family and they are so funny. But this week we took them to the chapel and had a guided them through how sundays are and baptism. When we got to the Font I got to bear testimony of baptism and the atonement. It was an amazing experience, there was not a wet eye in the room! I always cry its so embarrassing. I know that the only way that we can really experience joy and all the blessing of our Father in Heaven is by partaking of the atonement. I tend to make tons of goals but I forget that I cant accomplish any of them without the atonement. Were going to all make mistakes in trying to become like our Savior but we need to recognize that with the atonement it is possible, and to keep trying!!!


Hermana Sánchez

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