Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey all,

This week flew by!!! Seriously though!! haha But a lot did happen. First of all I was in my first earthquake. I didn't really noticed until I saw my scriptures running away. It was early in the morning during our personal study time and man it was pretty strong. Supposably it was a 6.5 earthquake in a town near by. I got a headache from it haha. Then the next morning at 3 am we had another one and my bed was just moving haha. LIke that one episode of the Simpsons where Bart has a car as a bet but it doesn't have breaks hahaha. lol. I was scared to death by a drunk man that wanted us to read Ecclastics to him. I was so drunk and it was hilarious after we read like 10 verses haha. He was so scary though, tall and deep voice and was ordering us to read it to him. After we read it he calmed down and said that he respects us to be out here preaching where there is so much crazy around. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any crazier than that man. I pray anyways. haha

I also asked my first person to be baptized. She was a Jehovah Witness and declined. haha Then when we were teaching a less active members husband. I felt so prompted to ask him to be baptized but I totally brushed it off because of fear that he would decline. Thankfully one of my companions felt it and went ahead and asked and he said YEAH. He's really an awesome guy. Seriously it's incredible to think that The Lord is doing everything in his time. That the pieces are all coming together. We also taught this guys sister and her family. They are seriously so funny and so great. They have awesome questions and I love teaching them!! I got to bear testimony why I joined the Church and the spirit was so strong. Oh man it was awesome! 

I had a good week and I hope all of you guys did too!! I'm not as homesick anymore because of all your guys prayers. And as I love the people I do here as I love all of my family and friends, it's so easy to get lost in the work!!Yesterday I was studying the chapters in the Book of Mormon that talk about Christ. And as I was reading I realized that my testimony of Jesus Christ is why I'm here. He lives and this is His gospel. And man am I far away from home but as long as I'm worthy I'll always have his Spirit with me. What an amazing blessing because all the times where I've felt so alone and not capable of being here, I've felt his Spirit and I remember that testimony. And I'm here so share that, what a privilege!!! None of can't do this, do life without him .

 Plus it was super awesome to talk to my awesome family yesterday for Mothers Day. Love my mom. 

Also today I played soccer with the Elders of my Zone and I kicked butt!! It was so great to play! 

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