Monday, March 2, 2015

Full house

This week was so great! The Lord truely is a Lord of miracles. Seriously I know that The Lord works through our faith. Opening this area was really hard, seriously so tiring and we really didn{t have any support from the ward. My companions and I have prayed to really see the potential of ward and just put our confidence in The Lord. In the beginning we walked a lot, but the more we fell in love with the poeple here, the more we aumented our faith. We are now witnessig miracles in the ward. No joke the chapel was FULL yesterday, inactives were bearing their testimonies, the Spirit was so so strong. Seriously I know that The Lord doesnt just want His missionaries to give their best effort but also their hearts and will. As I turnover my will to Him that is when I truley become an instrument in His hands.
La foto de la misiĆ³n
Camping!!!!! I loved it!!
There is a family that has like 20 cats. 

I went on intercambios to a pueblo. My mission has a little of everything!! I love it

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