Monday, March 16, 2015

Whatever just do it!

Hello all,
This week was great, seriously. We found 3 new families to teach and they are just super prepared. My companion and I have been working super hard with the ward, activing people and just doing doing a lot of service to these wonderful humans. We are working a ton with the ward because we want them to recognize that they have a huge part in the work. Those 3 families were references from members and are just super excited to be apart of the church. The Arroyla family is one of them, when we visted them for the first time we were astonished!! The mom was all "I know this is true because I felt it in the visitors center". Then she was all "and I know that Chirst came to the Americas because it makes sense, we are all children of God". It was such testimony to me that there are poeple so ready to hear the Gospel. It all started when her friend casually spoke to her about the Gospel and then took her to the visitors center. There are people who just need an invitation and thats where we all come in, the members!! Invite someone today to church, to an activity... whatever. Just do it!

An investigator who is like 5 months along...... and I just got done eating. lol

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