Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yo Yo

Yo Yo

My companion always says yo yo. She says that she is practicing her english haha. This week was wow incredible, we saw so many tender mercies. This area is all up hill climb and few members. The second day here we had 2 baptisms and we are teaching some awesome people. First off there is this family that recently joined the church and they are super awesome. Seriously just some humble people, they sell jello and they are going to teach me how to make flan. Super excited for that! haha Anyways so all of them are members except for their 15 year old son Javier. He is super super like super smart, and know about everything except for aliens. haha yeah I asked him. He has a history of making sister cry and well we decided to be his friends over all. So that is what we did, and guess wahat? One day he was walking us to the door and he told us that he wants to be baptized, just like that. We were in shock and asked him if he was serious. haha We started screaming and jumping when he left, but seriously The Lord is so great! This is all his timing and I am so grateful to be apart of it. Also there is an investigator who has attended church for a year now and well he has problems with the word of wisdom but really wants to be baptized. We are working super hard with him all the other missionaries havent really been diligent with him but seriously he hasnt drank in one week. Seriuosly I have learned so much by helping him. We have to uplift him often and when he falls we have to remind him but with an attitude of encouragement. I tend to be really hard with myself but helping him has really changed the way I think. Also this week we found a ton of families to teach in a pueblo, seriously there is something so special about teaching whole families of 10!!! 

I know that is this is the most important work on the earth and I know that God lives and directs His church today. I have never worked so hard in my life but I know with a surety that all I do here is for a great purpose. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints. I have so many weaknesses but I know that the grace of The Lord is sufficient and as I turn my heart over to Him that I can reach my potential as a missionary and a daughter of God. 

Hermana Sanchez
Have a great week. 

Lots of cactus here!

Colombian style yo yo 

Our area is all uphill mountain stuff

Cool Christmas tree in the center of mills Alta


The family we ate Christmas Eve dinner with 

Watching a movie with the elders 

Our house is so tiny

My favorite person in the world Hermana San Roman

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