Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy new year!

Happy New Year!

It is so crazy to believe that this year is wrapping up. First because there is no snow here and second because the time flew by. Seriously what a year, most of it spent in Mexico. Where the best food in the world is, where the roads are so small and so are the sidewalks, where there is no such things as garbage cans, and where there is more dogs than people on the streets. haha I look back on these eight months I have had here in Mexico and just am super grateful to my Father in Heaven for this oppertunity to learn and to grow. 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned here is to love. Love The Lord overall, love my companion, love my area, and to love those people who are so hard to love. haha But really I started my mission I was obidient for blessings. For the blessings that my investigators needed, for the blessing that my family needed, and obidient so that I could tell my mission president that I was obidient. A couple months ago I read the talk If you love me keep my commandments. He talks about the three different types of obidience, first is the type of obidience that comes from fearing God and his pushiments. The second is obidience for something in return, in my case seeing my investigators progress. The third type of obidience is for love of The Savior and his inifinite sacrifice. Seriously this changed not just my mission but my life for sure. Instead of studying for knowledge, I know study because I love Jesus and I want to be more like Him. You know there came a point in my mission where I didn´t baptize. That was super hard for me, I thought I was doing something wrong. Really this mission I am serving has nothing to do with me, what pride one must have to think that the mission is about a baptismal number. I have learned lots and cannot believe that I am almost half way done. This coming year I hope that you can all strive to be more obidient for love of The Savior. 

Have a good one
Hermana Sanchez

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