Monday, December 22, 2014

Milpa Alta

Hello All!

I am now in Milpa Alta. You know I always whined when we walked all day in my other areas and now I am in an area where it is all up hill. haha But really it is pretty crazy, I am super sore right now. This area is super Catholic. We have like 5 pueblos and each have like 2 HUGE catholic churches. They are super pretty but terribly annoying, seriously. They wake us up at 6 am with their prayers. They blast it so all the pueblo can hear it. My companion is fun. She is super crazy because she is Columbian but we get along super well. 

This week I read the talk Forget Me Not by Dieter F. Ucktdorf and it changed my life. But really it is an awesome talk. It talks about how God is fully aware that we are not perfect and He also knows that the people that we think are perfect are not perfect. Yikes! It is so true, on my mission I have found times where I have always compared my weakness with others strengths. I have learned that The Lord has called me, Natalie Sanchez from the best town in Utah, Springville. With all my imperctions and strengths, all I have to do is His will and not mine and the Lord will shape me into the person He desires me to be. Comparing ourselves with others makes us create impossible expectations. The hardest thing for me to accept is probably that changing some weaknesses into strengths are a life time thing, a long term process. Elder Ucktdorf says that "It is OK that we are not quite there yet, Stop punishing ourself." Yikes. He gives the advice to "Open our eyes to the simple and elegant moments. That is what makes up a rick well-lived life." and Mission!! I know this is true!. I love my Savior with all my heart, His grace time after time has lifted me and carried me. I have seen lives change as they accept Him as their Savior and Redeemer. As they accept Him as the only being that will help heal their wounds. I know He lives. I hope you all have a great Christmas! Love you all!!!

Hermana Sanchez

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