Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I'm going to miss her so much!

Ward Christmas party 

Some good looking members 
An awesome couple, we always have a good time with  these two
Christmas trees with investigators

​So old but super happy!

This week was crazy. I have transfers again, Hermana San Roman and I saw it coming! I have been with her for 4 months and two weeks, seriously I LOVE THAT WOMAN. I have never laughed and worked so hard in my entire life. I am going to miss her so so so much. She has really taught me how to enjoy the mission. There were a couple of times when we talked in a Columbian accent to spice up our street contacts, and now guess what? I am going to be with a Columbian sister. I am beyond excited!!!! Her name is Hermana Angel.

This week was super awesome, we worked super hard and really saw The Lord bless us. This area is really Catholilc and well it has been pretty hard to find investigators but one day we said a super super potente prayer and read in Preach my Gospel about how there are so many people who are searching for our message, who don't even know that they are searching for it. Then there are those really special cases where they really are searching for it but don't know where to find it. We were super just focused and super ready to get to work that day, and that night we helped some lady pick up some boxes. Seriously the lady has problem, she is bipolar and has major depresssion. She told us that after like 10 minutes of talking to her. Her name is Jovita and man a bunch of crazy stuff happened this week with her. Her daughter is not a good student so everyday we went and helped her daughter with her homework, and through out the week she would introduce us to people who were also trying to help her. Well now we are teaching a whole family and some other 3 woman that we met through Jovita. Serously The Lord blesses us as we sacrifice a little more and show more dedication to him. Sadly, Jovita is aggressive and for safety precautions we can't visit her anymore. But that family is super super prepared and even came to church yesterday. I am going to miss this area, the members are super awesome and sweet. A sweet sister also passed away yesterday, we visited her a lot and sang a ton of Hymns to her, she'd been sick for a while. You really live everything in the mission. 

Hermana Sanchez 

pS love you all have a great week!

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