Monday, January 19, 2015


This week I learned so so much! Seriously woah!

I had the oppertunity to work with some sisters in other areas and man I learned tons from them. Every sister is super different in teaching, in working, and has such different talents and gifts. It is amazing that all this is brought together for buliding the kingdom of God here on earth. First on Tuesday a sister joined me in my area and man oh man did I learn humiity. At the end of the day I asked her what she had learned and she said nothing. Broke my heart, I tried so hard to listen to The Spirit and to be super diligent. Then she told me a list of things that I needed to improve on, yikes. She sure did humble me. But I am super grateful for this experience, you know after this day with her I found myself asking The Lord why I was called to be a sister training leader, and a thought came to mind to read a general conference talk. So I picked up a Lilahona from 2012 and read a talk about the Preisthood that Elder David A. Bednar gave. He said that 'Oridinary men are given the atuhority of the preisethood. That Worthiness and willingness and experience, expertise, or education aer not the qualifications for the priesthood oridation.' Answered to my prayer, that I wasnt called because I am a expertise in being a missionary or have more experience but I have been called because I am worthy and because I am willing. My mission president in the beginning of this month came to our zone meeting because of a lot of missionaries in that zone were complaing about one of our zone leaders. His words so powerful, he told us that our leaders have been called by God not by him. That we shold respect and follow their advise because they are given revelation to guide us. He warned us that if we critize or talk negatively about our leaders in front of our own kids that they are destined to fall away from the church. Being a leader is not easy, a lot of sisters put us on pedestules, and let me tell ya I am not perfect. But I am confident that I have been called of God to help these sisters and most important learn from them. I love serving The Lord.

 This area has a lot of inactive whom we are working with. I have been blessed so much with the oppertunity to bear testimony time after time that life is not easy but that The Lord has prepared a way for us which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That there is nothing more pleasing than living the gospel. I know this true and have felt it since the first time I attended church. Share your testimony more with others, because I am sure that if we dont share it, we will forget it. 

Also I havent been sleeping well at all. My companion has a condition were in the night she forgets to breath and well lets just say that she freaks me out about 4 times per night because she wakes up gasping for air and panicing. haha

Hermana Sanchez  

Picture of baptism! 

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