Monday, October 6, 2014

General conference!

Hey all,

This week was great and ending with General Conference was bomb. I watched it in English, I know lame! GUESS WHAT THOUGH? I am dreaming in Spanish!! My companion said she heard me last night talking in my sleep about my investigators IN SPANISH. haha Our invstigators are doing well. This week we felt The Spirit so strong in our lessons all because we are applying the principle of praying with more faith and sincerity. Keep Candi, Adela, Abraham, Efred, y Elizabet in your prayers that this Saturday they can finally be baptized. They are super great. We taught Efred and Elizabet about the word of wisdom this week and man do they have so much faith. When we taught that coffee is naughty all she said was.. I could do without it. Love that couple, seriously they are super awesome. We also talked about her baby Jesus that she has. For reals though everyone here has a baby Jesus and they baptize it in the Catholic Church and then just sit in the house for protection and blessings. That was a little harder for to accept ahaha. But we came to the conclusion that she can bring it out in her nativity set. ahhahah. Oh Mexico and your Catolicismo.  Candi and her children are getting super excited for their baptism, her children are super smart, I love teaching them. Also my neighbors are less actives and they always invite us over for carne asada, makes me miss home. We talk to a lot of drunk happy people, mostly because it is fun. We always give them the word of wisdom pamphlet, it is great. 
Anyways this week I really learned about having faith in our prayers and in our hearts. Faith takes three things really we read in Alma when he compares faith to a seed. In verse 43 he says that we shall reap the rewards of our faith through diligence, patience, and long-suffering. I love that, as we really strive to lose our selves in the mission and do The Lord's will not ours we have faith that through our work (diligence), patience in the Lord's timing, and just learning from every bad and good experience, ANIMO (long suffering).  Love this gospel and love my mission. MEXICO CITY CHALCO MISSION IS THE GREATEST MISSION IN THE WHOLE WORLD. 

Love you all have a great week.
Hermana Sanchez

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