Monday, October 13, 2014



This week was super hard. Our baptisms didn't happen and a lot of horrible food that was eaten. In the brightside my zone is bomb!! They recently divided the zones and now they are a lot smaller. My zone Ixtapaluca went from 18 companionships to 8 and now they have cool names, Ixtapaluca is now Teancum.

I wanted to share a little bit about Teotiwacan, the pyramids that I have  twice while on the mission. There are two huge pyramids that are the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun, then there are a ton of little pyramids all over the place. These are the grades of glory in the Plan of Salvation. First going down you see all the pyramids of the stars, just a bunch of little pyramids. Then you pass by the pyramid of the Sun, then at the end of the trail you have the Pyramid of the Moon. It is super symbolic, if you were to lay down on the trail your head would point to the pyramid of the Moon, and your heart would be at the Pyramid of the Sun. To represent the people that are in the Celestial kingdom are the people that have their covenants in their hearts. As we strive to have our covenants written in our hearts we truly become converted, we become the people that the Lord intends us to be. I have really felt the spirit and have felt really guided as I have strived to remember and to live the covenants I made with The Lord. 

SHOUT OUT TO THE BEEHIVES FROM MY WARD. I loved loved your letter! 

Have a great week!!
Hermana Sanchez

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