Monday, July 28, 2014

Loving the district!

Hey loves!

This week was great, filled with the Spirit and all. Amecameca has a lot of cool things to see, mostly Cathlic churches. lol. We visted one last week and another this week. Plus I love my district, we play soccer and basketball every pday!! I love it we always invite the kids from our ward who are like little Peles. haha This ward is really hard hearted, so we organize a bunch of fun activties for the unity of the ward. It is really heart breaking to only see like 30 people in the chapel knowing that there is around 300 members in this small area. This week we had a Tarde Deportiva where we played soccer, basketball, board games, and other Mexican games. haha A bunch of people came out, which totally surprised me. hah. It reminded me a lot of my ward, man am I grateful for the unity and love that is in my ward!! 10th Ward Power!! 

Also we are teaching Virirdiana and she has the saddest story. She has lived on the street since the age of 12 and just tons and tons of hard trials. When we first started teaching her she would never listen to me. When people find out that I am from the US they totally shun me. Seriously they think that my life has been all fine and dandy but I always share what my wise friend Holly Lambert wrote me when I came out. She told me that the Lord knows exactly what he is doing, that he placed us in the perfect family and the perfect place for our hearts to learn and grow. This is a plan of happiness and if we aren't happy there is something wrong. I love Elder Uckdorfs talk about gratitude, and I can testify that as we live with an attitude of gratitude we can be HAPPY no matter the circumstances. This area is huge and some days we find no one home, all our scheduled appointments fall and we walk and walk and walk. I used to dread those days but as I think of really what a blessing it is to be here, I have really learned to just accept whatever happens and to be happy. This week we got caught in the Teeangees by the rain. The Teeangees is this huge swat meet, tons of people hand made stuff and all that snazzy stuff. They close down huge important roads haha. As we were walking through it just down poured, I have never seen it rain so hard. hhaha 45 minutes of just pouring pouring rain. haha

This week we had an amazing lesson with Virirdiana, she has no work and no food to feed her two children. We went with the bishop to drop off some stuff and it just broke my heart to see the kiddos eating the stems of corn. They are just the cutest kids. She started crying when she saw that we had brought a few things. Her biggest thing is that she has a hard time accepting God because her life hasn't been the easiest. I shared DyC 121: 8-7 with her and just bore testimony that our trials will all be for just a breve momento. I love that scripture, it really helped me a lot when I was starting out my mission. I can't believe I almost have 4 months on the mission!! SO CRAZY. 


Hermana Sanchez 2
(In the ward they know me as Sanchez 2 and my companion as Sanchez 1) LOL

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