Monday, July 14, 2014


Hola from Amecameca!!!

This week went by really fast and I know it was because we really really really hard. There is so much work to do here, no joke. Tons and tons of less actives and tons of poeple in this small pueblo. My area is huge now so I am back to walking a ton but I really love it. We have like 3 pueblos. I am a lot closer to the volcanos. It is cold here. Our ward mission leader said he would take us to hike one. So excited for that. It is really sad to see only a few people attending church, really sad. The members are barely starting to feed us because the missionaries before us... well yeah... ruined that for us. And some people still won't let us enter their home. I went from a celebrity in Tecalco to nothing here. haha. The food here is really good, something really funny is that the people here know I am American and so they feed us spagetti. Lol. They say it is really odd that I look so much like a white girl but my parents are Mexican. So rude, because I totally feel like I blend in. haha

 My companion is super awesome!! Guess what her name is? HERMANA SANCHEZ. hahahahahahah the only other Hermana Sanchez, yup we get a lot of jokes about it. But she wears the name well. lol. We get along so so so well. She is 12 years older than me but there is such an attitude of hard work and obediance in our companionship. She is a convert of 6 years and is just super humble and I love that! She had the craziest storie, her parents kicked her out of her home when she was 16 and lived on the streets and everything. She found the missionaries when she was 26 and she couldn't even read. The missionaries testified to her that if she read the Book of Mormon that the Lord would bless her to read. And here she is reading and all. Yeah LOVE HER. 

It was really really hard the first few days because well.....Tecalco was so hard to leave. My investigator Patricio has his baptismal interview and ready to be baptized this Saturday. So sad I can't be there, but so happy for him. He went to EFY today!! Hermana Hill told me that when he heard that I got transferred he said that he wasn't going to get baptized until I came back. Such a terd. haha But I know that everything happens for a reason and I just need to put all my faith in my Father in Heaven because he knows what he is doing. I read the talk that President Monson gave, I think last year, about    It really helped me a lot. Also a lot of leaning on the Lord this week. I saw a lot of miracles and they almost always come from reading the Book of Mormon. Hay tanto poder en ese libro!! I love to see people and hear how much peace that book brings to their lives. Read The Book of Mormon and apply it!!!! It will bring such a special spirit to your lives!!! So grateful to be a missionary. 

Love to all!!!
Hermana Sanchez 

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