Monday, July 21, 2014

Blessing of our labors!


I have ran out of ideas on how to start my letters! haha I am not going to lie, my area is so hard but we have truley seen the blessings of our labors here in Amecameca. There is so much work to be done and we are just working our little buns off. The time is just flying by, no joke it feels like I just got here and we are on our 3rd week. AH!! We have a new investigador who lives seriously like next to the volcano. This week we were teaching her in her home and the volcano started... well I am not sure how you say it in grumbling or something. lol. And seriously the whole house shook, and ashes where flying out. Our investigator just acted like all was normal. I was totally freaking out inside. I guess it is normal here. haha This investigators name is Viridriana and she is super awesome, super humble. She is a single mom with two kids. She is super poor but always make us take a mango from her tree. She came to church yesterday and we are just really excited for her. Coming to church here is huge because first it is at 8 in the morning and second because it is far, really far. Like 30 minutes walking. haha yeah it is killer, not even the members go to church. haha lol. so bad. Also there is less active lady that came to church, miracle no joke. This ward is super hard, some of them are just letting us enter their homes and just a bunch of stuff like that. We do a lot of service here in this area for the members, so we can earn their confidence. We walk a ton and I eat a lot of mexican bread. I need to learn self control with that. haha All and all everything is great. Obidience is really key to this work, I have really learned that here in Ameca. I have never prayed so much in my life, but we are seeing so many miracles. Plus my companion and I get along super super well. LOVE HER. 

Love all you!!!! I hate all your summber pics. It is really hot here and then pours in the evenings. haha

Hermana Sanchez 

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