Monday, May 18, 2015

Elder Bednar

This week was super awesome!!
First of all on Friday Elder David A. Bednar came to our mission and holy cow, IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously he was so halarious! He started off talking about how in the church we have a lot of culture some good and some bad. He talked about how sometimes we play this game in the church, "its called whats in my head." We ask questions sometimes and try to make people guess what is in our heads. Anyways he said that he wasn't there to do that, he asked us our perspective on a lot of things. Then he exponded on everything but not really giving us the full answers or comments. At the end he said that more members need to me agents and not objects. And when we don't act it is beause we need more faith on that principle. He told us not to ask for stupid stuff in our prayers but act and the power comes after. Be agent who acts. Agency is a gift from the Atonement and in a way when we act we use The Savior's Atonement. Elder Bednar is super humble and super turned into The Spirit. It was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Jonathan is progressing super awesome he is getting baptized the 6th of June. Super excited for him. Everytime we meet with him, he always says that it really is hard to change or be a good person that it is so easy to do the wrong. We always share scriptures to help him remember the blessings he has seen by choosing the right. It has really made me reflect how easy it is to be disobedient and really how easy it is  to live in the world.But the blessings are so worth it! We are eternal beings and the decisions we make in this life effect on our eternity. 

Funny story, there is a sister who we have been teaching and she has been telling the missionaries for 6 months now, that she is a member of the church. But on Saturday she told us the truth.... she is a member of the other mormom church. My first question was to ask her how many moms she has. haha. Her dad is actually a 70 for that church! Like 20 minutes away from us there is a poligamist colony, and it has been hard talking to people on the streets. They all think that we have multiple wives. haha Anywyas so this sister has been lying to us but has been coming to church and everything but she is not married because she isn't married but we are working on that. hahah

Have a great week
Hermana Sanchez

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