Monday, May 25, 2015

Book of Mormon

This week was great!!
Seriously so many things happened this week with The Book of Mormon!! We taught several new investigators about the book and I will never forget the lesson we had with Joesph Chalko. He is from New Jersey but married someone from here and has 50 years here, he has so much knowledge about The Bible it is astonishing. Our bishop accompanied us and let me tell you every question that he had about The Bible were answered with The Book of Mormon. That is when I realized that I understand The Bible because I have read The Book of Mormon, that The Book of Mormon truely does have the plenitud of the gospel. I know with all my heart that that book is real, and that is why I am here. A 20 year girl from Utah, with only 3 years of being a member of His restored church. I have leaned many times on the testiomony that I recieved after praying about The Book of Mormon years ago. 
We also met a member this week, he was born in the church and is like 75 years old but never has read the entire Book of Mormon. I dont mean in any way to judge or critize but there are blessings that can only from reading that book. 

Hermana Sanchez

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