Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hola sorry I have been terrible at writing. I am getting trasfered, leaving my area is so hard because I love them and we are leaving AWESOME investigators. Super crazy story actually. So The Arroyla Family, a super prepared family that we found had a lot of trials with their family. They were really hard trials to the point that they said that they couldnt recieve us anymore, anyways so like 3 weeks pasted by that we didn't see them. Hermana Boyer and I prayed and fasted lots but nothing until the wednesday after this fast sunday, that is when we found them and oh we had the most spiritual lesson. Seriously and we called a brother from our ward to give Sister Leti a blessing because she left her husband to join the church!!! Holy cow talk about Miracle!!! Then I remembered that my ward had also fasted for her just days before. Talk about HOBBLE CREEK 10th WARD power. Love my ward!!!

Also Elder Bednar is coming to my mission May 15th!!!!!!!! ahhhhh

Hermana Sanchez 

With the party crew 
At the Mexico City wax museum 

With Obama!

With my girl Rihanna!

Dancing with Celia Cruz 

Having a blast with Madonna!

with shakira. we are twins

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