Monday, November 24, 2014


Here in Mexico chilling,

Yikes what to write about this week.... well I am seriously living the whole mission dream here in Guerrero! We walk a lot, we dont have much success in contacting and just praying super hard to find these chosen people. And you know what I love it. In the beginning it was hard because in our other area we had a lot, A LOT of work. Always running from one appointment to the next. I know that The Lord is really trying to teach me patience because quite frankly I have none of that. Also faith, lots and lots of faith.

Last week all of the state of Mexico, Cuarnavaca and another state , all had a stake conference broadcasted from Salt Lake City. It was super awesome. They talked a lot about families but I love a quote that was mentioned by Spencer W. Kimball "The word remember is the most important word in our lives. Remember our covenants, remember to study your scriptures, and remember the Savior." It is so true. When I had like 4 months on the mission, I remember thinking how can I be focused and how can I remember The Lord more everyday? Then I remember when we went to the pyramids and every detail they made on those pyramids were symbols of their covenants. So that looking there they would be reminded of the sacred promised they made with God. And they believed that by doing that that they could eventually place those covenants in their hearts. There are so many distractions in the world and especailly on the misson but I know that as we strive to remember The Lord and our covenants that we will truely be made instruments in his hands. 

It is crazy to think that I have so much time on the misson. Time flies, sometimes I get really worried like that I am not learning everything that The Lord wants me to learn but I know that as I humble myself enough to listen and to act on His spirit I will become the person He desires me to become. But everything is in His time not mine. 

I also got proposed to this week by a 80 year old man on the streets. That was quite the experience. First he wanted a kiss and then he told me that I looked tired and that he would take great care of me. Oh Mexico. 

Have a great week and make sure to REMEMBER!

Hermana Sanchez

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